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Institutional Asset Management

We provide independent advice and investment management services to institutional clients such as foundations, endowments, and pension plans.

Every investment plan is established to fulfill a unique liability or need of an organization’s mission. We combine our market experience, technical expertise, personalized planning, and structured advice to help organizations achieve their specific goals and solve problems related to investing and funding.

We believe that successful long-term investing involves the use of a straightforward, uncomplicated approach. We believe long-term performance is important, but we also recognize organizations' need to manage risk within the context of goals, objectives, and future spending needs. We create portfolios that are low-cost, simple and transparent, operationally efficient, and liquid.

We work with institutional clients in a number of ways:

• Establishing investment policy and guidelines
• Selecting investment funds and monitoring results
• Structuring portfolio assets based on the specific risk/return objectives of the participants and beneficiaries

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