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Our Philosophy

Begin with the End in Mind

Client goals must drive every decision. This is true for individuals and institutions alike. It is hard to succeed without understanding the ultimate objective (i.e. “why are we doing this?”).

Battles Are Won in the Preparation Stage

It is nearly impossible to reach any goal without a sound plan. In all client relationships we first work on creating a tailored Financial Plan and Investment Policy Statement that will guide all decisions made throughout the relationship.

Practice Evidence-Based Investing

We create and manage investment portfolios based on what’s been proven to work over the long-term. These are some of the evidence-based tenets that drive how we invest:

  • Complexity and fees reduce long-term investment returns
  • Best investments are inexpensive, yet high-quality assets
  • Best portfolios are simple and well diversified
  • Planned and proactive re-balancing improves long-term results

Ensure Alignment of Interests

As fiduciaries we have duties of care, loyalty, and obedience to all our clients. These duties take many forms.

In particular, we believe client’s best interests are served through a total transparency of our decisions, performance, and fees.

We believe our compensation is an incredibly important aspect of our duty to clients. It is critical to the success of our clients that incentives are closely aligned and potential conflicts recognized and effectively mitigated:

  • In order to eliminate any real or potential conflicts of interest, we have a strict policy of only accepting payments from our clients and no other third-party.
  • We take great care to make sure our compensation is always fully disclosed as well as fair and reasonable relative to our effort and the value we create for clients. 

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